Go as far as you can

早前去了著名攝影大師 Steve McCurry的攝影展,終於有機會親眼目睹那張舉世聞名的阿富汗女孩的照片。

身為National Geographic 雜誌的攝影師,他的工作就是帶著相機每天到不同的地方按下快門,拍出精彩好看的照片。


在Steve McCurry的blog讀到一段很有意義的句子:

When people ask me how they can become a photographer, I almost never mention cameras, lenses, or technique.

I say, ‘If you want to be a photographer, first leave home.’ As PaulTheroux, a great writer and friend, further advises, “Go as far as youcan. Become a stranger in a strange land. Acquire humility.”

Leaving home really means that the photographer (or writer) has to wander, observe, and to paraphrase Theroux, concentrate on people in their landscape. That is what I try to achieve in my pictures.




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