Eternal Waves

Sitting by the seaside
Embrace my heart with solitude
Listening to the waves in the sea
I heard your calling

The waves are singing peacefully
Their echo comfort my lost soul
Closing my eyes
An eternal bliss flows into my heart

Oh where is my guiding star?
The quest for freedom is a never-end journey
May sorrow and despair vanish as the moon sets
May hope and joy shine through the waves as the sun rises

Time goes by
The echo of the splashing waves lingering in my heart
I am at the oasis of the sea
Serenity and peace are my bliss

Sail on the mystic journey with a pure heart
Floating on the vast ocean
l flow with the waves
Flow to the uncertainty and unknown

The ever-changing forms of the eternal waves depict our destiny
Life keeps transforming
Life keeps evolving
Everything is impermanent in the Universe

Looking deep down of the sea
The fear of the unpredictable shakes my faith
The waves whispering in the breezy wind
The ocean comforts me with gentle waves

Alone on the ocean wave
Sail through days and nights
Surf through ups and downs
Embrace the loneliness with infinite bliss in the vast ocean

I found a shining star in the darkness
You are never alone
The force that guides the stars guides you too
The eternal waves send their blessing through the wind

A longing soul flowing with the waves of destiny
Surrender to the unknown
Let faith be the compass
Guide me to the Supreme

~ Varanasi, 2011

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