Higher callings


My idol – Aung San Suu Kyi’s remarks on pursuing “higher purpose” in life is truly inspiring:

 “education in Singapore, as in many other countries, seems to be workforce oriented”. “That made me think … what is the purpose of a workforce … of work … of material wealth? Is that the ultimate aim of human beings, is that what we all want? In a sense, I want to probe more into successes of Singapore and to find out what we can achieve beyond that.”

Ms Suu Kyi said that while “material achievement” is necessary for the Myanmar people so they can be “free from want”, they had survived many years of oppression with values such as love for each other, loyalty and spirituality. “So there were many things that helped us to survive that had little to do with material achievement,” she said.

She succinctly pointed out my ideal society:  “Singapore could learn from us a more relaxed way of life. Perhaps, warmer and closer family relationships”. 

I have been going through a transformational period in mentally, physically and spiritually since last year. The spiritual quest leads me to contemplate about the purpose of life, the true meaning of work, the ultimate goal of a meaningful living…

I never expected that I will be studying a Diploma in Yoga. Following my inner path and the divine force, it clearly unfolds that Yoga, meditation and humanity work are my callings…


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