窩在安靜的家 躲在自己的世界裡

總覺得雨天能洗滌浮躁的思緒 有療癒疲憊心靈的力量

忽然 有感而發



2015 是煥發內心沉靜能量的一年

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It means a lot when someone that you care told you how grateful he is for the love you give

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to open my heart sharing unconditional love

The lovely potted Begonias give me so much strength and faith to face inner fear and doubts

May our love be as strong and grounded as the flowers’ roots


I couldn’t stop laughing when my blissful man gave me a flower pot instead of a flower bouquet because he couldn’t find any bouquets in the quaint town.

Yet, I felt so sweet and loved. I will never forget the moment when we planted the flowers together.

Growing love is like growing flowers, there will be rainy days or thunderstorms. With Faith and Love, we walk through the hardships and unknown together.

May we all be grounded in love 🙂

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